Spyker C8 Aileron

Spykers, but apparently customers in the Dutch automaker's niche clientele found the C8's cabin, deliciously steampunk as it is, a tad cramped. Spyker has responded by stretching the supercar's wheelbase to offer a bit more interior space for all that retro switchgear and diamond-quilted leather to create the C8 Aileron, unveiled in concept form here last year and in the final production version this time 'round at the Geneva Motor Show. Although the Aileron would ostensibly seem a simple stretch job, Spyker claims to have completely re-engineered the car from scratch, starting with the aluminum space-frame chassis. However you look at it, the Aileron is 155mm (5.9 inches) longer than the C8 Laviolette it replaces. A lengthened C8 Spyder is also in the works, and the more commodious version promises to help the troubled niche automaker branch into the lucrative North American market. Full details, including the Audi-sourced 400-hp V8, are enumerated in the press release after the jump, and you can view the new Aileron

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